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Curriculum vitae:

  • born 14 th of April 
  • study mechanical enginneering and business administration
  • Dissertation - Thesis"Supply Chain Management with the consideration of the new institution economy"
  • about 17 years busy in the management of materials, purchasing and logistics 
  • international experiences (China, USA, Mexiko, Japan, Malaysia) 

Honorary Office/Social Engagement:

  • red cross
  • Worldvision
  • chamber of materials, purchasing and logistics
  • chamber of trade
  • assistant professor
  • city council man
  • area council man


  • Garden
  • Hunting
  • Chinese language (Mandarin)
  • Tennis, golf and skiing 
  • nativities


  • Spiegel, GEO, manager Magazin, Geldidee, Wild und Hund, VDI Zeitung (German newspapers)

Famous book:

  • The power of freedom (author Hans Olaf Henkel)
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